Free Online Dating Website Review

PlentyofFish is a free online dating website that has been around for several years. They have a lot of members and the site has been steadily improving. I posted an ad here to see what the site’s all about and it seems decent for being completely free.

Their slogan is “100% Free. Put away your credit card.” And that’s true. At no point will you be asked to upgrade to a paying membership. The option isn’t even available. The profile can be pretty lengthy if you choose to fill out a couple of their questionnaires. I would recommend that you do if you are serious about finding someone for a serious relationship. If you are after casual dates, than it might not be necessary to spend all that time.

The first survey you are asked to fill out is the 50 question “Chemistry Predictor.” It isn’t too lengthy and will most likely help you in your search for possible matches. The other assessment is very lengthy and time consuming. It’s a 100 question, “Needs Assessment.” I would block off 30 minutes to go through this part.

After you’ve made your profile and filled out the necessary assessments, you are ready to start finding your matches. You can search PlentyofFish profiles by compatibility, location, and several other options. Plentyoffish has tons of members so don’t be afraid to be a tough screener. Once you find likely candidates you can IM them if they’re online, or send messages. As far as I can tell you aren’t limited on how many messages you can send or receive per day. Within the first 10 minutes of having my profile up I already had 2 responses and I hadn’t even put up a picture yet! That’s a good sign and lets you know that the site has members who are actively searching other profiles.

I always like to check out how much traffic dating sites get by looking at Alexa rankings. The lower the number the better. Keep in mind that Google’s Global Alexa ranking is 2 and US Alexa ranking is 1.

Global Ranking………667
Canadian Ranking…..70
UK Ranking………….148
US Ranking………….271

Free Online Dating Websites

Maybe you have come to the internet for some advice about online dating. You may have heard several of the stories on television and talk shows about how people have met through the internet and it ended up in a fairytale ending. Well you have come to the right place; we are going to discuss some of the benefits of using online dating sites. You can find that special person online today.

As a matter of fact research has shown that more and more people are beginning to use the internet to find that special person. Could it be because it is safer than going to the clubs or hanging out at bars? Well whatever the reason is; if you have a computer and access to the internet you can use it to find that special person who may be waiting for you.

There are some things that you should be aware of with the free online dating websites; that you may or may not know. While they are free and this is what tends to draw people to them; however you have to be aware that you are going to have to weed through the people who answer you ads. A lot of the people you find on the completely free dating sites will be people who are soliciting or even possibly cheating on their spouse.

While it is possible to find someone who is searching for the same things that you are on the free sites. However I recommend to everyone who is just starting out with their online dating venture to get started in the membership sites. The free online dating sites can make someone depressed or even start to believe that it is not possible to meet someone special.

You just have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself how many times have you gone out to the clubs or even joined a book club to try to meet someone? Once you answer that question then you may begin to realize that you should give online dating sites a chance.

Are you excited and ready to find one of the most reputable dating sites available? Visit out site below and access the same dating site that I met my boyfriend from. Right now you can join for free and find out whether you will like online dating or not. You can discover how easy and friendly these sites are; and how easy it is to use them to meet people from anywhere that you choose to.

Free Online Dating Websites Will Not Help You Find Ms Right

Using the free online dating websites will not help you find Ms. Right. We highly recommend online dating; however we do not recommend the completely free dating websites. There are several reasons why we love online dating; but are opposed to the completely free dating websites. While they can work; we have heard some horror stories from them. If you are serious about finding the right person to spend more time with; then you are going to want to become involved with the reputable online dating sites.

The completely free dating sites should be avoided because you are going to find a lot of people on these sites who are just playing around. After all “you get what you pay for” always applies to whatever you choose to do in life. You will discover that a lot of the people on these free sites are going to try to be soliciting you for their product or try to get you to visit their site so that you can try their product. So the people who are really trying to find a relationship will find it hard to find the people just like them.

We have personally discovered from a personal aspect that you will find all types of people on the free websites; from people who are trying to solicit you to people who are cheating on their current spouse. They allow anyone to join after all they are free. You will have a more difficult time to find someone who is serious about starting an online relationship. While we are not saying that it is not possible to find someone that you would like to meet.

We are saying that it will be a lot more easier to find someone with the membership sites. You will also have more control over who answers you profile. So whatever reason you are giving yourself about joining a dating membership site; you have to know that right now is the perfect time to join. With the holidays right around the corner; more people are trying to meet their significant other.

I have friends who have met guys and girls online. As a matter of fact this is one of the easiest ways to filter through people and really get a feel of who you want to meet. So put your computer and internet access to work for you.

Of course the choice is yours and you can tell that we do not advise people begin with the completely free dating sites; unless they have had some prior online dating experience so that they can tell whether people are being serious or not. However if you want some more information about online dating that will help you find the next guy or girl easily visit our site below.